Welcome to the download web page of the "Real-Time Rendering of Molecular Dynamics Simulation Data"

What does this page provide you with?

1-the source code and the supplementary material files.

2-an online and offline copy of the documentation files.

3-the trajectory file.

NOTE: All the required files have been included in the zipped trajectory file, before you run the example code please insure that you:

1- Create a folder and change its name to 'Data'

2- Place the unziped files into the 'Data' folder.

3- Modify the path constant 'DATA_DIRECTORY' in the 'constdata.h' header file to make it point to the 'Data' folder (the modified path must NOT end with '/').

We expect the structure and the content of the Data folder to be:

4- Compile and run the program.

To browse the documentation files or to download the source code, pdf and documentation file please use the links in the below table:

Item Describtion Size Downlaod Download counter
Source code The tutorial source code 130 KB Click Here
Documentation an offline copy of the documentation (zip file) 1 MB Click Here
Documentation Online documentation N/A Browse
Trajectory file The trajectory file (zip file) 8 GB Click Here
PDF file the tutorial pdf file 2 MB Click Here
PDF file the supplementary material file.
This file provides details about the XTC library and the configuration of OpenCL-GL of different OS.
80 KB Click Here

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions related to this work or Qt, OpenGL or OpenCL (naif.alharbi[at]gmail[.]com)
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